We are proud to have received very many written letters of appreciation and will be able to show some of those sent to us.

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“My mother is now a resident at Heathercliffe care home and I wanted to submit a review to say what a wonderful place it is. All the staff including the managers are amazing, the way they do their best for Mother and are so helpful and pleasant to deal with. We are very grateful to have found a place where Mother is properly looked after by a wonderful, caring team who seem to have been hand-picked for the job they do. A big thank you from all the family. Anyone who manages to secure a place here is very lucky indeed! – Juliet

How likely would you be to recommend Heathercliffe Residential Care Home? Extremely Likely


“The whole team are professional, thoughtful, respectful, and caring. The privacy of Mum’s personal care and space was particularly admirable. Without exception the staff were respectful, caring and ‘in the moment’ with Mum. Mum was happy and regarded Heathercliffe as her home and the staff as friends. The ethos of Heathercliffe is most definitely that of a large family and Mum’s visitors were welcomed by busy members of staff offering coffee and homemade cake.
Mum’s room was always pristine and fresh just as she would have had her own home, and there was always thought and care in her appearance.
There were always fresh flowers in the hall and the dining room was set like a high class restaurant. Celebrations were celebrated with parties and a glass of sherry. Mum enjoyed lots of activities like setting tables, baking, dusting, singing and gardening.
My sister and I were kept informed by phone call, emails and meetings and given much appreciated advice and support when needed.
How likely would you be to recommend Heathercliffe Residential Care Home? Extremely Likely” – Chris”Thank you so much for your welcome and care at Heathercliffe. All the staff have been really REALLY good. It is so nice to see everyone working so hard to make the place a warm and caring community. A credit to you all.” – Steve


“Helsby Hill is a beautiful location. Added to its beauty nested in the hills is Heathercliffe Care Home is hidden but loved by those in the know. A home from home where those who reside receive the care they deserve. Super attentive care and the most important thing, people recognised as individuals. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the joy you gave her.” – Michael


“Thank you so much for all your thoughtful, professional, friendly care of our mum. The whole team are so warm, friendly, respectful, professional and caring. The privacy around her personal care and space was admirable. No wonder she was so happy at Heathercliffe and felt at home, looking on you all as friends. The ethos of Heathercliffe is most definitely that of a large family. We will always remember the fresh flowers in the hall and the beautiful dining room. The smell of delicious food, cakes being baked and Christmas, Easter and National Events, like the Royal Wedding being celebrated. The gardening party of residents doing the pots of flowers and growing tomatoes. Thank you for your advice and thoughtful phone calls.” – Christine and Janet


“As a family we would like to thank you all for the dedicated, compassionate love and care you all gave to our wonderful Dad. As a family we were always made to feel very special and have been welcomed and made to feel very at home whenever we came to visit. You are a very unique team who always endeavour to deliver the highest quality care and made our Dad feel safe and loved. He was always busy or involved in all the fun, laughs and activities that make Heathercliffe so individual. All we can say is it has been a privilege and a please to have met you all.” – Harry


“It would be remiss of both we and our families to fail to acknowledge the great debt of gratitude we owe to Sarah and her staff for the love and devotion they unfailingly displayed in caring for our mother throughout her time of residence at Heathercliffe.” – Glyn


“From the moment we met you, you did a genuinely brilliant job at attempting to help my dad understand the surroundings and make him feel at ease. This is your absolute gift. My mum and I commented each time we walked in at the sense of calm and the attentiveness and friendly nature of each of the staff members. Based on my experience of Heathercliffe, your input and that of the staff, I actually couldn’t recommend it highly enough.” – David