The management team create and publish an activities calendar on a monthly basis. To remain inclusive, the calendar is emailed to all our current residents relatives. It is designed to reflect the season, any notable events, including birthdays, anniversaries and national celebrations. We encourage a totally flexible lifestyle for all our service users. Although outings, socialising with others and participating with the activities that Heathercliffe organises is encouraged, if the resident chooses not to participate, then we always respect those wishes.

Occupational therapy is provided according to individual needs and past interests with the help of our staff team and external activity providers. There is a wide range of activities to choose from and this is continually being extended. If residents have any particular hobbies or craft interest, we are happy to help facilitate and support.

Staying active, both physically and socially, helps our service users to feel happy and fulfilled in their day-to-day life. It is a well known fact, taking part in regular exercise can help improve our health, mood, concentration and quality of life. Regular activities at Heathercliffe include walking, garden club, indoor chair exercise, dancing, group reading.

Studies suggest that connecting with others, continuing to learn, and engaging all of your senses can help keep your brain active and sharp. This can significantly improve the quality of life for an elderly person, especially if mobility is beginning to decline.

An active social life is also key to improving our service users well being. Taking part in activities as part of a group can be a brilliant way to keep up our social and cognitive skills, while also doing something enjoyable.
As well as low level exercise, there are a wide variety of activities that our service users participate in. We play games that stretch memory and skills, such as scrabble, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, cards and favourite board
games, these are all good ways to keep our minds alert and to encourage friendships through socialising. However, we are happy to modify tasks to suit individual preferences.
Having a good old fashioned chat over a cup of tea, looking through photograph albums is also a great way of bringing back to life memories that are meaningful.